Click here to learn about compass points and maps. 

If you complete the interactive game, you can draw a map and a key similar to the one in the game in your Maths Book. 


Visit the following websites to explore elapsed time:


Consolidate your understanding of tables, graphs and interpreting data through the following websites: 

Organising Data: d94.swf 

Interpreting Data:


Post a comment below about something you have learnt/consolidated or are still finding tricky in relation to data. 


Red Level – I’m not feeling confident 

Recognizing Fractions

Pizza Fractions

Fractions of a Set

Matching Fractions 


Orange Level – I feel good!

Equivalent Fraction Shooting

Fraction Pac Man

Mixed Numbers

Monkey Number Line

Fraction Bingo

Equivalent Fractions Matching

Ordering Fractions

Simplifying Fractions


Green Level – I need a challenge!

Adding Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Fractions of Collection

Matching Mixed Fractions

Percentage and Decimals Number Line

Fractions to Decimals





Tangrams are a traditional Chinese puzzle made of a square divided into seven pieces (one parallelogram, one square and five triangles) that can be arranged to match particular designs.

Visit: to try and solve some tricky tangram problems.


on “Numeracy
15 Comments on “Numeracy
  1. To Miss Laming,
    There is no maths yet.But i’v got a plan we could do how we are measuring in class,we can do fence builder brief.
    from Georgia 3/4L

  2. Dear Miss Laming,
    I enjoyed the activities I found it a bit tricky to read the graph but then I found it easier
    and understood it

    From Ava C 3/4L

  3. Dear Miss Laming,
    All the games were fun but my favorite one is the one that you need to graph and pictograph what you have recorded before I did the graph. Also it was hard to do the pictograph so I need to work on that.
    Talia T 3/4L

  4. Dear Miss Laming,
    I consolidated on how to interpret a graph.I found it easier this time to interpret data
    I also enjoyed the games.

    From Alessandra A 3/4L

  5. Dear Miss Laming,
    I’m really ready for the data test tomorrow and this was what I learnt. The fruit fall was kind of making me learn more about collecting data. The Under the Sea was an inspiring game you do tables and put the peoples number of favorite fishes on the table.
    From Tayla G 3/4L

  6. Dear Miss Laming,
    I found all of it easy for me. It did teach me some stuff. I really liked the games. The games were awesome. 10/10. I was at the graphing stage. I learnt more about graphing. It easy to graph now.
    From Robbie

  7. Dear Miss Laming,
    I found the games a bit easy for me. I liked the games. One of the games
    helped me. The game that I really liked
    was the one when you were a farmer you had to catch the fruit.
    From Jamie O 3/4L

  8. Dear Miss Laming,
    I thought the most best game there was probably the one with the graph when you had to fill in the ones and then you had to graph it. I found that one the best one there. And the most weirdest one was probably when it was the snail race because they raced by themselves and then you only had to tell the time of the snails.
    From Matthew M 3/4L P.S is there any more fun games to come.

  9. Dear Miss Laming,
    I loved the maths games! My favourite one as the one where you got a farmer with a basket above his head and you had to catch the fruit. I also did a graphing one, my data was pretty good….. until I realized that I was pressing the buttons and stuffing it up.
    From Harry C 3/4L

  10. Dear Miss Laming,
    I learnt about a circle graph, a picture graph and a bar graph.
    I really enjoyed the games l hope there are more games soon.
    From Eve F 3/4 L

  11. Dear Miss Laming

    I had a very fun time, I learnt how to make a graph with everything.
    Also I tried to put data on a graph and I got it right! Also I tried to interpret a graph and and also I got it right. I learnt lots more than everybody else!!!!!!!!. I learnt graphing, organising data and interpreting data. I had lots of fun.

    from James L 3/4L

  12. Dear Miss Laming,
    I love the maths games. I loved the one where you create your own graph. I learnt that you need to space your answers on the bar graph.
    From Anthony 3/4L

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