Here our some photos from Book Week. Can you guess what characters we are?
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We’ve started learning about plurals this week. Jump on this website to practise your spelling of plurals….



This week, we have been learning about ADVERBS. We have learnt that an adverb describes a verb. The different types of adverbs are:

How, Where and When


We have been learning about the correct use of there/their/they’re.

Check out the cool song we were listening to in class!


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  1. Dear Miss Lamming
    Thank you for showing me this video it’s
    helped me understand much more about advrebs, and the song is really cool everyone
    including me loves it.

    from Daniel A 3/4L

  2. To Miss Laming,

    I have got the pronouns song stuck in my head….Use a pronoun Pronoun!
    It’s a great song and also plurals are stuck in my head. I enjoyed laerning the rules.

    Use a pronoun

  3. Hi Miss Laming,
    Today Samantha and l were working on the use of their/there/they’re in sentences and Sam told me about her class blog! She was very excited to show me the catchy song about their/there!! What a wonderful learning journey Samantha and your students are on!!
    Enjoy the rest of the term with your class,
    Kind Regards, Sue Fisher (Sam’s tutor)
    P.S. Isn’t Sam delightful and smart…

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