How Does it Work


This term we are learning all about inventions including what they are made of, how they work and why we need them. 


Last week, students in 3/4L were given the task of creating a simple invention to protect an egg from a 2 metre drop! Students had to follow a design brief and complete a design portfolio. Here is the design brief:




Your task is to create an invention that will protect an egg from breaking when dropped from a height of 2 metres.

Your invention should:

  • protect the egg
  • use materials we have discussed throughout our Inquiry Unit (e.g. foil, cardboard, cotton etc.)
  • use materials that can be found at home or at school
  • be aesthetically pleasing (look nice!)


You will test your invention to see how well it works and if it meets the design criteria.

To do this, you will drop your egg from a height of 2 metres at a time set by your teacher.

What did you enjoy most about this task?

What did you find challenging?

What is something that you would do differently next time?



Materials Discovery!

We investigated different materials and tested their properties.

Don’t you think we look like scientists?

Materials Discovery! on PhotoPeach

Properties of Materials

Check out this cool website to learn more about properties of materials.


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14 Comments on “How Does it Work
  1. To 3/4L,
    We did a egg experiment some people’s experiment didnt work out so well but most peoples worked well. It was very exciting and fun!!! I hope I get to do it again sometime!!

  2. Dear 3/4L,

    I really enjoyed the Egg experiment. While my egg was being dropped I felt really worried but when I found out that the didn’t break I felt quite superior. My invention worked really well. I don’t think there was many faults.

    Enjoyed the experiment,
    Fergus c 3/4L

  3. Dear Miss Laming,
    I really liked the egg experiment because some people had inventions that other people weren’t expecting! It was also really fun seeing if they cracked or not.
    From christian H 3/4L

  4. Hi 3/4L,
    I realy enjoyed the making of the egg holder it was so cool.
    I think we should do something like that agin
    Ruby F 3/4L

  5. To 3/4L,
    The egg experiment was very fun, some people’s experiments did not work. But most worked well! something I wish I could change is stick the cotton balls I didnt get enough time to stick it, cause it fell everywhere!
    From Ashlee E 3/4L

  6. To 3/4L

    The egg experiment was awesome- and my egg didn’t break! I love eating eggs, I wanted to go down to the staffroom and cook one! I named my invention the G.G.E
    (great guarding eggs). I’d love to hear from anyone who’s invention worked or didn’t work and any names of the invention.

    Still eating eggs every morning,
    Michael K 3/4L

  7. To 3/4L,
    I think we actully did look like scientists!
    I really enjoyed discovoring meterials.
    Did you like discovoring meterials?

    Yours sincerly,
    Angus A 3/4L

  8. Hi 3/4L
    The most enjoyable thing in our egg drop experiment would be constucting my invention. I enjoyed recording the results and writing the procedure. Before we started our invention, I had a pretty good idea of what it would look like. I went home and told my sister about my design and she said that I should have made it smaller. But I kept it the way it was. The most challenging thing would be writing the procedure before making the invention. I would change the size of my invention because was so big that the parachute didn’t work as well as I would have liked it to be.

    JuliaK 3/4L

  9. Hi 3/4L,
    My egg invention worked so well! Though I feel sorry for those whose invention didn’t work I really enjoyed this experiment. I used plastic bags so there was pretty much no chance except if I couldn’t put my egg in and take my egg out! I loved the second just before your egg is dropped!
    Samuel C 3/4L

  10. Hello 3/4L,
    I think we did look like scientist. It made us look like scientist because we were doing experiments that a scientist would do. We did experiments like seeing if it was waterproof, if we could cut it, if it’s flexible or if its man-made. I really liked it. Did you?
    From Peter D 3/4L

  11. Dear 3/4L
    I think the egg expirement was great it was really enjoyable.You really had to think about what materials you were using and why you were using those materials, I was so happy when I found out my egg didn’t break it was so interesting and I leart that if you give more comfort and support to an egg it wont break from a drop of 2 metres
    From Cooper C 3/4L

  12. Greetings 3/4L,

    Great work on your protecters! You all did very well, indeed. I enjoyed the suspence of the egg falling. It was fin ishing the design portfolio that gave me a rough ride. I’d definetley change the look and design and of my invention. What would you do if the egg didn’t crack in the fall, but you pulled it out and it cracked?

    Ben H 3/4L

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