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  1. Dear 3/4L,

    Caffeine is an interesting subject to learn about. Caffeine can be bad to your body because it causes headaches, stomach aches and no sleep. No, we do not need caffeine, though a small amount of caffeine is alright. We can cut down on caffeine by taking smaller amounts each day and then eventually only one cup of coffee each, or sometimes no coffee!

    Ben H 3/4L.

  2. Dear Mrs Laming,
    I thought that video was great so you cant drink more themn three bad drinks a day like coffe,coke,lemonade, and more so those are 3 examples there are 7- 11 drinks that are bad for you.
    From Matthew M

  3. Dear Miss Laming,
    Caffien makes your heart beat faster and makes you stay awake longer. It’s mostly adults who need caffien on long drives.

    From Harryc 3/4l

  4. Dear 3/4L,
    I learnt so much and I think I was drinking a tiny bit of caffeine. Caffeine causes your heart to pump faster and it makes you breath quicker. We dont need caffeine because you dont want problems with your body so if you dont drink caffeine your body will be fine and no problems will happen (exept stomach aches). We can cut down our intake of caffeine by looking at the label with the ingredients on it and see if there is caffeine and if there is not you can drink it.
    Does lemonade have caffeine?
    From Paulina P 3/4L

  5. Dear 3/4L,
    Caffeine does to our bodies 1.it gives us headakes and tummy akes 2. it keeps us awake and 3. it makes you tired, that is also why we don’t need caffeine.We can cut done caffine by 1. eating less chocolate 2. drinking less coffee and less energy drinks finally 3.having less caffine tablets.
    From Livinia A 3/4L

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