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  1. To Miss laming
    smoking is not cool at all it is just stupid. 1 in 5 kids smoke.
    I just don’t get WHY you would start.
    From R ion M 3/4L

  2. Dear 3/4L,
    I now know why smoking is bad for you. Smoking is bad for you because you get bad breath , there are more colds and coughs, you get yellow teeth, you get smelly clothes, you get a empty wallet because you are bying ciggarets which are expensive. Even kids between 12 and 17 start smoking!
    Would you smoke when you are older?
    From Paulina P 3/4L

  3. dear miss laming
    I loved the description!!!!!!
    what I lernt was to not smoke at 17 or under.
    secondly I lernt its difficult to catch up to your friends if you smoke.
    lastly why would you smoke because you can get really sick and destroy your liver.

    less regards
    James L 3/4l

  4. Dear Miss Laming,
    Smoking is a really bad thing to do, here are some reasons not to smoke and why it is bad for you.
    It is bad for you and people think it is cool and they don’t realise that it is bad for you .

    From Alessandra A 3/4L

  5. Dear Miss Laming,
    I lernt so much , I lern’t that 1 in 5 tens smok but this is wers 1,200 die because of smoking.

    From Natasha A 3/4L

  6. Dear Miss Laming
    it would be a way to smoke when you are a kid for acting like a adolt. Now people have learant that smoke makes carnser.
    from Talia.T

  7. Dear 3/4L,
    Smoking is really wrong. Why would people thinkto do that! Rion is right! Smoking is bad for you because it may lead to heart disease and lung cancer.
    Let’s stop smoking,
    Ben H 3/4L

    (P.S. More than 1,200 people die each day due smoking injuries)

  8. Dear Miss Laming,
    Smoking is bad for you because you can die, get very very sick, get addicted. Smoking might seem OK but it is defenitly not. Smoking causes dieseses some of them can be rabbies, bad breath, smelly clothes, and as i said you can DIE.

  9. Dear Miss Laming,
    Smoking is bad for you because it can give you heart diseise and cancer,you can come idicded to it and it hurts you.

    From Harryc 3/4l

  10. Dear Mrs Laming,
    Smoking is very bad for you it could kill you from health deasis and you start from 12-17 years old,
    From Matthew

  11. Dear3/4L,
    Smoking is bad for you because
    1. it can c ause heart dieses 2. can cause lung damige and 3.it’s got alot of cemicals in it.
    From Livinia A 3/4L

  12. Dear Miss Laming,
    There was alot of information on the article. I can’t believe 1,200 people die each day just because of smoking. My grandpa smokes, and once he got so sick he had to go to hospital! He tried to stop, but he couldn’t.
    Angus A 3/4L

  13. 🙂 Dear Miss Laming
    I do not no why people smok some people smok because thay think that it’s cool but it’s really not!

    From Nicholas C 34/L

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