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  1. To 3/4L
    I learnt that you can not smoke when you under 18. there is anther way of having drugs it is throw a syringe. Dose anyone else lean something I did not lean.
    From Rion M 3/4L

  2. Dear Miss Laming,
    Alcohol is bad for you because it can damage your good brain and if you drink to much you will go crazy and get hit by a car.
    from: niki hill

  3. Dear 3/4L,
    I learnt so much about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Some of the dangers of drugs and alcohol is that some people might be smoking or drinking beer near you, you might be really tempted to do the same thing as everyone else. Some people you might be seeing either smoking or drinking beer is teenagers of adults.
    Have you ever seen people smoking near you?
    From Paulina P 3/4L

  4. dear miss laming
    You should not smoke or drink alcohol when your a kid adults should not smoke to all your kids might copy you when they are a kid. Also you might fell awful after you have drank alcohol.
    from Talia.T

  5. Dear Miss Lamming,
    The vidio was great. I learnt a lot about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and why would people even take drugs?

    From Harryc 3/4l

  6. Dear 3/4L,
    All this information is amazing and quite depressing to know that people use alcohol and drugs in a immature way. Some dangers of drugs are that they harm all your other weak areas; for example, the lungs are weak if you have asthma, and drugs can harm it. Alcohol is bad because it can make you feel sad and depressed and make you get involved in fights and arguments.

    Ben H 3/4L

  7. Dear 3/4L,
    WOW! what great information Miss Laming.
    Some dangers that alcohol and drugs cause are, getting in a car and causing a car accident, joining bad people to do crimes which could lead to hurting other people
    From Daniel A in 3/4L 🙂

  8. Dear Miss Laming,
    A danger of alcohol is that you might get alcoholism, which tells you to have more alcohol. Having alcohol can lead to you having car accidents and even joining crime.
    Angus A 3/4L.

  9. Dear Miss Laming,
    I leant 4 different, tricky words they are Inhaler it goes in your lags because it make you breath better. The other was Carpal it goes and make you not to have fibber. The other one was Paracetamol it don ‘t get you headers(just for adile)
    Samantha R 3/4L

  10. Dear 3/4L,
    There is a lot of dangerous things about alcohol and drugs ,these are some reasons why you should not drink alcohol and have drugs 1. you can kill yourself 2. it can make you very sick and 3. you wont be able to walk or see properly.
    From Livinia A 3/4L

  11. Dear Mrs Laming,
    There is a lot of dangoureous things in the world and that is one of them that is very bad for you it can definetly kill you there is no reason why you should smoke I don’t know why they invented it.,
    From Matthew M

  12. Dear Mrs Laming,
    I though that video was great now I know if you have drugs you can get very wierd and go be a really wierd guy and when you drive you would crash into a car because you would speed and then you would get cought by the police and get arrested and then go to jail.

  13. Dear Miss Laming,
    Drinking alcohol is dangerous for kids and teens and sometime for adults, too. Alcohol is a drug, and it is the drug, most abused by teens. Many kids have their first drink at an early age, as young an 10 or 11 or even younger.
    Samantha R 3/4L

  14. 🙂 Dear Miss Laming
    I really like that video and i her that kids like 10 or 11aredrinking even under.

    From Nicholas C 34/L

  15. Dear Miss Laming,
    drinking to much alcohol can poison you and it can kill you also can damaged your bodies wow I never knew that.
    from Georgia f 3/4L

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