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Cybersmart Talk

Today a presenter from ACMA came to talk to us about cyber safety.  Some of the interesting things we learnt about were:

  • the ways children use the internet and new technologies
  • potential risks faced by students online such as cyberbullying, identity theft and unwanted
  • new tips and strategies to help students stay safe online.

To learn more about being cybersmart, visit:


Some comments from the session:

“I learnt that there is a kids helpline to help kids with cybersafety issues. The number is 1800 55 1800” – Michael 3/4L

“Last year thousands of girls used the password ‘onedirection'”- Antony 3/4L

“I learnt that games are rated for a reason”- Natasha 3/4L

“I learnt how to retrive evidence of cyber bullying” – Ben 3/4L

“Some people use fake names on the internet”- Daniel 3/4L

I learnt that you should always keep your password safe”- Ruby 3/4L

“I learnt that checking the greeting from an email from an official website for your name could save you from scams”- Samuel 3/4L.

“I learnt that you have to be 13 to use instagram”- Julia 3/4L

“I learnt som new ways to prevent me from being hacked”- Cooper 3/4L

“Never give your information to people you don’t know”- Paulina 3/4L

“How to print screen on a Mac”- Christian 3/4L

“I learnt that the most popular password in 2012 was password”- Fergus 3/4L


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