Wellbeing Week

The last week of school this term was ‘Wellbeing Week’. The whole school was involved in a number of fun activities. Students, parents and teachers were given opportunities to focus on their wellbeing – mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Some of the highlights from Wellbeing Week in our class included:

  • Mo Willem’s author study 
  • New displays – Wow Work and Wonder Wall 
  • Extra circle time and mindfulness sessions
  • Kickball with 3/4HM and Prep R
  • Discovery session with 3/4HM
  • Buddy activity
  • Police visit
  • Shoe lace tying incursion run by Ascent Footwear and The Athlete’s Foot

What a great way to end a busy term!

What did you enjoy most about Wellbeing Week?

What do you wish we could of done more of during Wellbeing Week?

**Feedback from parents is also welcome!**

Miss Laming 🙂 



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  1. Wow! Preps you have had a fun week. I love you had a look at Mo Willem’s books. I look forward to hearing about it all next term. I missed teaching you while I was away. Mrs Wakeling

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