Free Writing Fridays

Today we introduced Free Writing Fridays! 

The purpose of Free Writing Fridays is for students to experiment with different writing genres and techniques. It is also to encourage creativity without the constraints of writing conventions. It is a time for students to collect and record ideas, images, and thoughts. It is intended that this book will reflect what each child enjoys and likes to do, as well as people/places/characters that are special to them.

Today we were invited to choose whatever we liked and write/draw about it. We were so excited and proud of our work. Afterwards, we shared our work with the whole class. 

We were also given a bit of time to start decorating the front covers of our new Free Writing Books. We cut out different images that we liked from magazines. Now our Free Writing Books are covered with images that we love and can write about. 

What did you write about and why?

What images did you decorate your book with?

What do you want to write about next?

Miss Laming 🙂

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on “Free Writing Fridays
One Comment on “Free Writing Fridays

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