Family Week Blogging Competition

This week (15th – 21st of May) is Family Week. Family Week encourages us to reflect on our families and the important role family plays in enriching and supporting personal growth and goals. 

During Family Week, students will be invited to recognise and celebrate the importance of families. It is a time to appreciate the meaning of family. In 2017, the theme for Family Week is ‘Champions of Change’. Children and young people are natural champions of social justice. They are interested in how they are connected with, and can contribute to, the world.

**During Family Week, we will be holding a Family Blogging Competition. Students and their families are invited to comment on the class blog as many times as possible. Every comment posted by either yourself or a family member will earn you a raffle ticket. At the end of the week, the raffle will be drawn and the winner will receive a small prize.**

One highlight of this week will be the Prep Family Faith Night. The theme of the night will be Prayer. This week we also have the school Walkathon and a Grade 5/6 buddy activity planned. 

What are you looking forward to most in Family Week?

Why is your family special?

How else could we celebrate Family Week?

Miss Laming 🙂 



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