Maths – Data and Graphing

During weeks 7 and 8, we have been learning about data and graphing in maths. 

Data means information. Graphs, charts and tables are used to represent this information and make it easier to understand.

One of our learning intentions was to make decisions about how to categorise thingsso we started each session with a classifying activity. We discussed different ways to sort objects according to their attributes.

We enjoyed creating a range of whole class graphs. Afterwards, we had some brilliant discussions about what the data was telling us. We were able to answer a range of literal and inferential questions about the data. Through these activities we were learning to represent responses to questions using simple displays and to use data displays to answer simple questions. 



















Today we even had a go at creating our own graph. Miss Laming provided us with some data about favourite fruits and we sorted the data into a graph. 

What did you learn about data?

Which activity did you enjoy most and why?

What was something you found challenging?

Miss Laming 🙂 

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